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* indicates student co-author

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Manuscripts Under Review


Smith, J.F., Hur, J., Kaplan, C.M., & Shackman, A.J. (revision invited). The impact of spatial normalization for functional magnetic resonance imaging data analyses revisited. Neuoimage. Preprint available at  PDF

Barstead, M.G., DeYoung, K.A., Anderson, A.S., Islam, S., Weinstein, J.S., Hur, J., Grogans, S.G., Smith, J.F., Kuhn, M., Fox, A.S., & Shackman, A.J. (under review). Dispositional negativity and the momentary challenges of daily life and the laboratory: Dissecting the pathways underlying pervasive misery. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Manuscripts in Preparation

Hur, J., Tillman, R.M., Smith, J.F., & Shackman, A.J. Impact of social threat on extended amygdala function in adolescent social anxiety.


Hur, J., Kuhn, M., Kaplan, C.M., Smith, J.F., & Shackman, A.J. Neural systems mediating the anxiolytic effects of alcohol in humans.

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Buetti, S., Xue, F., Ng, G.J.P., Hur, J. & Heller, W. Individual differences in perceived control over life events.

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