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Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience of Anxiety and Depression (CAD) Lab!


The CAD lab, directed by Dr. Juyoen Hur, studies the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms that confer risk for the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders and depression. Specifically, our work focuses on alterations in negative affect (both state and trait), cognition (e.g., attention, cognitive control), and their interactions as key pathways to these conditions. We use an experimental psychopathology approach and a broad spectrum of tools, including fMRI, smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment (EMA), behavioral assays, and advanced statistical approaches (MLM/SEM).  This work promises to address fundamental questions about the interplay of emotion and cognition in and to identify novel treatment targets for anxiety disorders and depression.


The keywords of our research include:

Anxiety disorders; Depression; Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience; Psychophysiology; Negative Affect; Attention; Cognitive Control; Emotion-Cognition Interactions; Temperament and Personality; Worry and Rumination

Funding Awarded

National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) 2021-2024

The Psychological and Neurobiological Mechanisms Underlying Adaptive and Maladaptive Responses to Uncertain Threat

Role: Principal Investigator


National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) 2021-2024

From vulnerability to symptoms: Development of reliable biomarkers of neuroticism & Korean-specific etiological model of anxiety disorders and depressions

Role: Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator: Minue Kim, Sungkyunkwan University)


Yonsei Signature Research Cluster 2021-2023

Psychological Prevention for the Untact University Generation:Longitudinal Psychological Health Database and Multidimensional Psycho-Social Functioning Prediction Model

Role: Co-Investigator (PI: Younghoon Kim, Yonsei University)


Yonsei University Future-Leading Research Initiative 2020 – 2023

Role: Principal Investigator

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